If you’ve gone to art school, have an art degree, or even are just self-taught, chances are you’ve heard the classic stereotypes:

“Don’t study art; what could you possibly do with an art degree?”

“There’s no money in art. Ready to be a starving artist?”

“A degree in art is a waste of time and money.”

This is pretty frustrating to hear especially considering how wrong those statements are! If you’rehttps://nhacaiuytin.group/
talented and dedicated to your craft, you can and will succeed as an artist. There are loads of careers in art and design that you can pursue to make a living off of your artistic skills.

Learn how to make money as an artist with this list of careers in art!

1. Commercial Artist

Commercial artists create art that can go along with advertising campaigns, marketing strategies, logos, or even things like office or hotel art. These artists also https://kubet8.online/
work closely with magazine, shipping/packaging companies, specific brands, and other similar types of clients.

As a commercial artist, you could either work as a freelancer taking art commissions for various projects, or you can be an employee for a specific company or brand and work solely for them (or both!).

To succeed as a commercial artist, you need to be able to adjust your style to match the needs and wants of the client you’re working with. You’ll work closely with managers, supervisors, editors, writers, and graphic designers, so you’ll need excellent communication skills.

You’ll also often be constrained by your client’s budget, so understanding of accounting and money is another bonus. If you’re a freelancer, you’ll need excellent work ethic and focus to motivate yourself to not only find client, but organize and complete your own schedule, emails, invoices, and more.