It is important to keep in mind that you do not just get NISS and get some guarantees in return. You are paying social security contributions and receive certain help back. This is how it works.


By the way, if you have work in Portugal, this is your employer who is responsible for the social security payments. What happens in case you are self-employed? In this situation, your payments will be more relevant and you will have to deal with them on your own. These payments can be processed via ATMs, home banking, and so on.

Well, if you lose your job in Portugal, you can expect to get specific assistance. But there are certain conditions to follow anyway. For instance, you should register as a job seeker and must have worked a certain number of days within the last two years before losing a job.

Apart from this, there is such a benefit as parental or maternal leave. It turns out to be very handy for many families. This cool benefit refers to both men and women. What is more, self-employed people can also request it. The maximum period of parental leave is 150 days, and you are going to receive 80% of your previous income within it.

Those involved in the Portuguese social security system can also expect to receive some benefits for the children. One of them is granted to children up to 16 years old.


Sure, it is important to consider such a fact that you need to follow certain requirements to be eligible for many social security payments. It is essential to study them in advance so as to see what you can expect to obtain. However, it is a great opportunity to come across and it shows that the government takes care of those