It’s almost 3 years since I started playing World of Warcraft and there are already two expansions launched by Blizzard. Last November 2008, Wrath of the Lich King expansion was released, and luckily for those players who had their copy reserved, they were able to upgrade their WoW accounts.


Expansions in WoW are made to expand the gameplay it currently offers. New level cap, quests, raids, items, gear and events to name a few. But forc Blizzard, it’s one way of gaining an additional profit. They currently have 11 million WoW accounts that are subscribed. Just imagine those numbers buying a $40 expansion set.

Although upgrading an account for an expansion has always been an issue for lots of players. It involves certain factors:

v      Willingness to pay for an additional fee.

v      Type of player (e.g. casual gamer, hardcore gamer)


v      Schedule (e.g. school, office)

v      Trading of WoW accounts (e.g. buying and selling of accounts)

Maintaining a WoW account is not an easy task. For an avid gamer, spending $15 every month just to be able to play, then here comes the expansion, paying an additional $40. It’s all about the money.

Then, there are two types of players:

The casual gamer – Most casual players only play where there’s an available time for them to relax from work or those who are in vacation from school.


The hardcore gamer – Hardcore players are those who have all the time they want. They dedicate themselves in playing the game. Most likely, these types of players  are the ones who are willing to spend some extra to be able to have access with the expansion’s latest features.

And with the vast growing online gaming community of WoW, buying and selling of WoW accounts also play a big role whether those accounts are going to be upgraded or not. Those players who stopped playing p