For centuries, Italian furniture has held it’s own in the design world. It has a worldwide appeal that has made it one of the most popular furniture designs around the globe. It has a classical style that is quite ornate yet informal and charming. The designs of Italian furniture were born from a passionate l in the sculpture, fine arts and antique architecture of ancient Rome that began during the 15th century.

15th Century Italian Furniture

During the Renaissance period in the 15th century, Italian furniture underwent an amazing transformation. A surge in the interest in the antiquity of the classical period resulted in Italian arts being influenced by Roman and Greek art. Furniture designers became inspired by the tables, chairs and thrones of the Roman empire. Furniture pieces became much larger and more majestic. Decorative motifs of this period included scrolls, vases, shells and animals.

16th Century Italian Furniture

In the 16th century, the designs of Italian furniture made another drastic change. The designs became grotesque while still emulating an air of fantasy. Although the furniture was certainly more elegant than 15th century pieces, designers became inspired by Oriental, Arabic and Gothic designs. Many designers also introduced combinations of expressive colors during this time.

17th Century Italian Furniture

The 17th century brought Italian Baroque and Rococo. Once again the pieces became massive, but they also were designed to be more comfortable than earlier pieces. It was normal for furniture to have irregular or curved forms and the motifs became even more decorative. While the natural motifs like animals, shells and flowers were still used, designers incorporated other natural motifs like the sun into the pieces.